Trudeau shrugs as evidence of Chinese electoral interference mounts

The proof is out, and the jig is up: China’s government interfered in two Canadian federal elections. It did so aggressively and with tangible results.

According to CSIS documents obtained by the Globe and Mail, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives orchestrated cash donations to political campaigns, had business owners hire “volunteers” for specific election campaigns and boasted that it’s “easy to influence Chinese immigrants to agree with the PRC’s stance.”

The goal: to install a minority Liberal government. In the words of one Chinese consular official, Beijing “likes it when the parties in Parliament are fighting with each other, whereas if there is a majority, the party in power can easily implement policies that do not favour the PRC.”

This information builds on previous revelations by Global News journalist Sam Cooper and Postmedia reporter Tom Blackwell. Cooper reported last December that the Privy Council had issued a national security memo in February 2020 documenting China’s “subtle but effective foreign interference networks” in the 2019 election.

Blackwell reported in November about a group called the Chinese Council for Western Ontario Elections, whose stated goal is to incubate candidates who support the Chinese community’s interests, but whose address is the same as that of a Chinese “police service station” used to intimidate Chinese expatriates in Canada.

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