Trudeau has lost the right to criticize Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni

It’s not often a world leader is compared to a buffoon. But that’s what happened to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the recent meeting of G7 leaders in Hiroshima, Japan.

At the summit, Trudeau criticized Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government, which told municipalities to only list biological parents on birth records, rather than listing same-sex couples. Meloni has been heavily criticized by LGBTQ rights groups for statements she made before and after her election last fall, including that only heterosexual parents should raise children.

When Trudeau told Meloni that, “Canada is concerned about some of the positioning that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights,” and added that he looked forward to speaking to her more about this and “other democratic principles that the world needs,” she — and the Italian press — were none too pleased.

Meloni rejected Trudeau’s criticism and claimed that he was a “victim” of “fake news.” The media accused Trudeau of mansplaining and Milan’s Libero newspaper adorned its front page with a picture of Trudeau in blackface and the headline: This Buffoon Wants to Teach Us Lessons.

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