The Tory climate plan champions technology over taxes

There’s a lot of hot air blowing around Ottawa, and not just because summer has finally arrived.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been busy talking up climate change, even as he jetted to the Raptors’ parade last week in Toronto and skipped the House of Commons vote on declaring a “climate emergency.”

Then this week, the Twitterverse had fun circulating a snap of the PM at a table piled with plastic forks — days after Trudeau’s much-mocked news conference announcing the phase-out of single-use plastics by 2021.

Meanwhile, the NDP is blasting the Liberals’ approval of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, hoping to stall the Greens, who are polling at 10 per cent going into this fall’s federal election and threatening to split the environmental vote.

And then, there are the Conservatives, who have finally produced a Green Plan of their own. As opposed to hot air, however, it’s actually a much fresher version. Finally, a party has the courage to say that market forces can be harnessed to improve the environment — and that technology, not taxes, points the way to a cooler and greener planet.

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