The civilized world finally sees Hamas for the murder cult that it is

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.” On Saturday, Hamas proved it has no interest in a peaceful tomorrow when its terrorists slaughtered 900 Israelis and injured thousands more in an unprovoked and horrific rampage, supposedly in the name of “liberation.” Hamas killed entire families. Slit people’s throats. Raped, butchered, and paraded young women’s bodies in the public square. And around the globe, its supporters and apologists cheered, including, sickeningly, some here in Canada.

And for what? No one has been liberated. Not one Palestinian is better off than they were Friday. They are much worse off, because Hamas has now forced Israel to defend itself, and the Gazans will pay the price for their leaders’ depravity.

In addition to these evils, Hamas did something else: it took dozens of hostages. It has warned that it will respond to Israeli attacks on Gaza by murdering hostages and streaming it online.

Hostage-taking is not a new terror tactic. In 2014, the Islamic State (ISIL) took hundreds of captives and broadcast their beheadings. Over the next couple of years, ISIL murdered soldiers, journalists, humanitarian workers, minorities, an archeologist, a military contractor, and a mountain guide. The goal was to blackmail foreign governments and attract followers to their heinous cause.

Hamas has ISIL’s playbook.

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