Should Justin Trudeau stay or go? Why is Hillary Clinton coming to Ottawa?

Whither the Liberal Party of Canada?  It’s a question many people are asking, both inside and outside the party. As Liberals prepare to gather in Ottawa for their national convention May 4 through 6, there is a sense of a party at a crossroads, if not in crisis. Every week brings fresh drama, whether it’s inaction on foreign interference, the cost of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest vacation, or his brother Sacha testifying about shady donations to the family’s eponymous foundation.  With the opposition Conservatives leading in voter intention, pollsters are even testing the waters on the idea of a formal Liberal-NDP alliance to keep a lock on power.

So what’s on the minds of delegates, veterans and the party at large? I spoke to six savvy Liberals, three on the record and three on background. They include former advisors, political staff, fundraisers, candidates, and campaign operatives. What emerged was a picture of cautious optimism, tempered by the increasingly toxic nature of politics over the last few years.

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