NDP starting to lose faith in Singh and his unholy Liberal alliance

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is still standing, sort of. Singh got an 81 per cent endorsement from delegates to his party’s weekend convention in Ottawa, a worse result than expected. When he was first elected leader in 2018, Singh scored 91 per cent support; in 2021, that dropped to 87 per cent.

It’s not the trajectory he wants, and neither is that of his party: opinion polls by Abacus Data consistently show the NDP stuck in third place with about 19 per cent of the vote, basically the same total they had in 2015.

It’s no surprise, then, that members wanted to shake things up — but instead, they left a lot of Canadians shaking their heads. A pro-Palestinian demonstration Saturday resulted in the party suspending the passes of four delegates, with chaotic video footage of the row making the rounds of social media.

Delegates went on to debate an emergency resolution calling for Canada to condemn “Hamas terrorist attacks,” demand an end to Israel’s “total siege of Gaza which is prohibited under International Law” and mandate a ceasefire. But some delegates wanted the party to go further, with one telling CTV News, “The NDP must stand against the genocide of the Palestinian people, who have had a noose around their neck for decades.”

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