MP Michael Chong a symbol of how little Trudeau cares about protecting Canadians from Chinese interference

When it comes to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) interference in Canadian affairs, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running out of runway. Not a week goes by that doesn’t bring fresh revelations about just how badly Canada’s national security has been compromised under his watch.

This week, Conservative MP Michael Chong learned from a Globe and Mail story that his family members in Hong Kong were targeted by the CCP, “to make an example of” him for criticizing human rights violations in China. Worse yet, the Canadian government failed to inform him, even though CSIS produced a report detailing these facts two years ago.

In the words of former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu, “WTF, why?” Why was Chong not informed? Why has the government not acted to protect his family? And why is the diplomat who orchestrated the intimidation, Zhao Wei, still working in Canada?

When Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre raised these issues in the House of Commons, Trudeau gave this non-answer: “It is absolutely unacceptable for any Canadian to be subject to intimidation by a foreign power, particularly threats against family and against families of members of Parliament. That’s why, as the reports came out this morning, I immediately asked officials to follow up on these reports and to get to the bottom of this.”

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