Like it or not, Mr. Trudeau, the pipeline ball is in your court

Brother, can you spare $250 million? How about $700 million?

As the bad news keeps piling up in the Alberta economy, the cries for help get louder. The province’s unemployment rate hit 7 per cent in December 2015, up 2.2 points in just one year. Over 54,000 Albertans lost their jobs during that period, a direct result of slumping oil prices. In any given year, fully one quarter to one third of Alberta’s GDP flows from the resource sector, and 15 to 20 per cent of the province’s workforce is employed there, directly or indirectly...

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  1. A lot of hypocrisy in this case? I hardly believe.
    Leaders of Montréal region are very selfish in this matter.

    Quebecers doesn’t want dirty oil of Alberta but they were first to apply on golden jobs at Forth McMurry few years ago … and now, during these times of adversity, they leave Alberta alone with their problems.

    They don’t want tankers on the St. Lawrence River, no exploration/production on Anticosti Island but they drive with American mind by Pick-up trucks, SUVs, Mustang and Hummers ..

    Objectively, the pipeline is probably the most environmental, economic and safe way instead of oïl tankers or trains …

    Government must governs. Justin is not our football and TV cheerleader; he is our Government Chief and he must to do his job.

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