Liberal inaction permitting China to colonize Canada

When will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau call a public inquiry into Chinese interference in Canadian elections? Answer: never, if he can help it. There is no upside in this exercise. It is like getting a root canal for a rotten tooth or fixing a leaky sewer system: a lot of pain, disruption, and expense for no visible improvement. Few see what lies beneath the surface, and most won’t appreciate it when it is fixed.

But if left to fester, the rot slowly undermines the entire structure. In the case of Canada, that structure is sovereignty, the ability to make decisions in the best interest of our citizens, freely and without interference from foreign governments. You don’t realize how precious sovereignty is until you lose it, and by then, it can be too late to get it back.

Ask Canadians today about sovereignty and they’re unlikely to say it’s a high priority. Housing, food prices, health, and public safety top the list. People are fleeing wildfires and battling drug addiction. There are so many concerns crying for attention, “sovereignty” doesn’t really rate.

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