Jagmeet Singh must pull support for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

Is this the beginning of the end for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? The knives are out, and the cuts are coming fast and furious. Not a day goes by without another accusation of political interference by the Chinese communist regime, in not just federal but now also provincial politics. Interference also goes beyond politics and into academia and business. The Chinese Communist Party, for example, trains scholarship students to “avoid detection by authorities” and steal sensitive technology, the Globe and Mail reported Monday.

Calls for action by the federal government grow louder by the day. Why was nothing done after the CSIS reports of 2019 and 2021? Why not call an inquiry now? What is the prime minister afraid of?

This can’t continue indefinitely. And it won’t.

Looming on the horizon are two events which will bring the issue to a head. The first is the visit of U.S. President Joe Biden on March 23. China, and what to do about it, will be on the agenda. The U.S. will want assurances that Trudeau has a plan to tackle China’s threat not just to Canada, but by ricochet, to the United States. Trudeau will have to say — and do — something beyond what he has done so far.

The second is the tabling of the federal budget March 28. The latter comes with a built-in confidence vote. Naturally, the rumour mill in Ottawa is in overdrive. Will the opposition join forces and bring down the government? Will Trudeau allow the vote to even take place — or will he prorogue the House before it happens? Will he then take a walk in the snow and resign as leader of the Liberal party, paving the way for a leadership race, a time when elections are traditionally not held, buying time for his party to face the electorate with a leader less tainted than he?

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