Holding Trudeau to account for China’s election interference demands a smarter Conservative party

A pox on both their houses. That phrase comes to mind after a week that left the Liberals flailing, the Conservatives backpedalling, and voters despairing: are ethics and common sense completely absent in Ottawa?

First, it was the Liberals’ turn in purgatory. After last week’s bombshell revelations that the Chinese Communist Party meddled in not one but two Canadian elections, a slew of fresh allegations of foreign interference hit the headlines. Naturally, the opposition and the media wanted to know: what information did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have about all this, and when did he have it?

But instead of answers, Canadians got spin. “This is the same Trump-type tactics to question election results,” Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell sniffed at the parliamentary committee on procedure and house affairs.

Trudeau took the same line: “giving reasons, partisan reasons, to mistrust the outcome of an election, mistrust the experts at Elections Canada… that’s something that we have seen from elsewhere.” He then refused to call a public inquiry into the matter of foreign interference, despite calls from two of his own former advisors.

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