Catherine Tait makes the case for abolishing the CBC

Who needs Pierre Poilievre when you have Catherine Tait? If CBC was worried about the Conservative leader making the case for its demise, their president did it for them Monday night, on live television, no less. Appearing on The National with host Adrienne Arsenault, Tait was asked what Canadians will notice after CBC cuts 600 jobs, a full 10 per cent of its workforce, over the coming year.

“Well, I hope very much they won’t notice too much,” Tait replied. She went on to add that the CBC will be more efficient, “doubling down on technology and automation. So my hope is that certainly in local news and in the regions, there won’t be that dramatic an impact for our audience.”

That depends on what part of CBC you consume.

Read the full column on the National Post website

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