Boy scouts or profiteers? Canada and the arms trade

How much should human rights affect trade — specifically, trade in military equipment? The question arose again this week over news that Montreal-based aerospace company CAE has cut a deal to sell flight simulators to the Kuwaiti air force.

According to a Globe and Mail report, a Canadian delegation — which included the vice-president of Canadian Commercial Corporation and the Canadian ambassador to Kuwait — paid a visit to the simulator project on the very day the United Nations published a report detailing human rights abuses by a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen…

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  1. Sorry I missed seeing you angry at the “Oprah” style of Trudeau. Seems like a rational response to me. I could only stomach 3 of them myself. Trudeau is clearly younger than he looks. It is scary having the most popular kid in the school pulling all the levers of the Canadian government. God help us all. And thank you for your genuine expression of your feelings.

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