The Right Path: How Conservatives can unite, inspire and take Canada forward

A provocative new book by conservative author Tasha Kheiriddin examines how the Conservative party got here, where it is now, and how it can move forward to retake the government. She discusses: - How Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fanned the flames of the populist right – and how this presents a trap for the Tories; - How the recent Liberal-NDP deal can shift the political center of gravity in favour of Conservatives – if they are smart enough to take it. Learn more...


Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution

Tasha co-authored Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution, with Adam Daifallah (publisher: Wiley and Sons).

The book offered a prescription for Canadian conservatives to build a credible movement and regain power.

Released just prior to the 2005 federal election campaign, Rescuing Canada’s Right generated widespread media coverage and hit the bestsellers’ list in early 2006.


How to Cut Public Spending: (and Still Win an Election)

In 2010, Tasha co-authored a chapter of a U.K. publication, How to Cut Public Spending (and Still Win an Election) (editor: Matthew Sinclair, TaxPayers Alliance; publisher: Biteback) with Scott Hennig, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The book features examples of governments from around the world who successfully ran on and implemented small-government programs.

The Harper Factor

In 2016, Tasha authored a chapter on the changes brought by the government of Stephen Harper to the Canadian justice system. You can watch an interview of her discussing the book here: